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Community Name:  YUENDUMU

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Community ID:   198
Community Type:  Major
Latitude (Deg):   -22 
Latitude (Min):  -15.23
Longitude (Deg):   131
Longitude (Min):       47.72

The community is located 290km North West from Alice Springs along the Tanami Highway, which branches off the Stuart Highway 25 km North of Alice Springs. It takes 3 1/2 hours to drive there. The road is sealed for the first 145 km from the highway and the rest of the way is formed and largely gravelled with some sections not gravelled. The road can be quite corrugated but is usually passable for ordinary vehicles except after heavy rains. The access to the community after the turn off from the Tanami Road is 3 km, of which the first 1 km is gravelled and the balance is sealed and 6.2 m wide.


Aliases:  No known aliases

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Population *:1000
Source Date:30-JUN-07

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